Founder of Circular Medicine @womencircles_

Jade is an embodiment coach and women’s circle facilitator, under the red tent movement.

She is fascinated by the body’s ability to remember ancient wisdom encoded in our DNA and thus individual and collective psyches.

Jade embodies intuitive expression, as she uses a combination of visual and somatic practices to explore the subconscious and its ability to communicate through symbols, as our minds fail to find the language for our deepest insights and revelations.

Founder and Soul Essence (@soulessencetemple)

Sivitri is a writer, photographer, dancer, intuitive and somatic movement facilitator.

At the heart of her life and work is a love for the natural world and a curiosity about the true nature of the self.

All of her endeavors and passions stem from a desire to create beauty and communicate the pure essence of truth, within and without.

She is captivated by the intricate layers of nature, music, our bodies, and minds as well as the subconscious drivers of our expressive selves.

Her mission, through the intuitively crafted and rich yet simple practices she offers, is to bring awareness to our true nature in order to thoroughly express ourselves and therefore heal and thrive.