Dancer. Photographer. Writer. Retreat Facilitator

Sivitri is a visionary artist helping people connect to their essence through multiple avenues of artistic expression.

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Born in Africa, Sivitri’s creative journey began as a dancer, at age 4. She studied many forms of dance extensively, including classical ballet, modern, jazz, and Latin American.

Whilst traveling and performing on stages all over the world, she taught herself photography. Having always had a keen sense for design and a good eye in any medium, she launched herself into digital & mixed media, which became more of a love as she traveled and discovered the layers of the world and herself.

Not desiring to focus on one creative path, she chose to become proficient in Photoshop, creating manipulated photographic design work and started combining her eye for imagery into multimedia performance explorations, projecting photographic images over her body canvas as she danced.

Sivitri’s avenues of work entail photography, writing, multimedia dance performance, mixed media, illustrative digital design as well as photographic and art modeling. Her multi-layered images are sensual and sophisticated representations of nature.


“I have come to learn that all our experiences are our teachers. All of it has value.

Through my art and my being, I believe it is my mission to remind people of beauty and the essence of themselves that is reflected in it.

My inspiration comes primarily from nature, especially flowers, music, light, and the multifaceted layers of the beautiful as well as the mundane, to reveal the heart of simplicity within the complex and vise versa.

Photographing nature is a meditation for me. It is a sacred and thrilling experience to be focused on the center of a flower, as the light changes and reveals the most intricate of details. The miracle and genius of nature is mind-boggling. I feel it is my duty to share what I see. I believe by observing and learning from the artistry and grace of nature that we can transform ourselves as well as the planet.

"It is also my pleasure to create personalized Soul Essence Portraits for anyone wishing for a visual representation of their life’s dreams and desires. I work with your highest self’s essence to make this a reality for you.”

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