Sivitri Jewelry Designs

Carnelian, white jade, Ethiopian brass and copper, antique African glass. Copper clasp.

Chinese ceramic pendant with Peridot beads (SOLD)

Bone – (SOLD)

Black Tibetan hand-carved jade with blue cinnabar pendant and silver clasp. (SOLD)

Antique African glass, Jadeite, wood, copper, Ethiopian silver with silver clasp. (SOLD)

Chinese turquoise and cinnabar pendant with silver clasp. (SOLD)

Carnelian and Ethiopian silver with silver clasp

Moroccan carnelian, brass Ethiopian pendant and copper clasp

White Tibetan jade, carnelian, jadeite and cinnabar pendant. (SOLD)

Turquoise and antique African glass

Rutilated quartz, turquoise and peridot with silver clasp.

Tibetan turquoise and carnelian with silver clasp. (SOLD)

Flourite and silver with silver clasp. (SOLD)

Flourite and silver with silver clasp.

Carnelian, yellow jade and silver with silver pendant.

Turquoise and silver with silver clasp


Sivitri Designs was born out of a love of the beauty that comes from the earth.

I have drawn inspiration from my place of birth in Africa as well as travels to Asia and Mexico.

With an affinity for age-old adornments and an interest in the healing quality of gemstones, I set out to hand-pick beads with which to work.

Sivitri Designs are all one-of-a-kind, wearable art pieces which are unique, beautiful and energetically beneficial. They are a synthesis of textures, colors, and shapes created with an awareness of how natural elements co-exist. I use high-quality beads from all over the world made of gems, wood, bone, antique glass, and shell, accented with Ethiopian silver, brass and copper.

Sivitri Jewelry Designs are currently in ‘Milk an Honey’ gift store in Sebastopol. 123 North Main Street, Sebastopol California 95472.