Soul Essence Portraits

Gabrielle Bernstein - Author & motivational speaker

Sivitri - Multimedia Artist on a mission to share beauty and transform and ignite through her creations.

Ariel White – Sexual empowerment for women.

Gigi Samed – A Higher Calling LLC

Amanda Aitken – Empathic Psychic Medium and Founder of Creative Courage Courage Campaign, The Girls Guide to Graphic Design & The Girls Guide to Web Design.

Renee Airya – Women’s Leadership and founder of “Flip Your FLAWS”.

Natalie Brown – A dynamic and growing TV personality on a mission to inspire and uplift all women globally.

Laura Hollick – Founder of Soul Art Studio Inc.

Liz Titus

Amanda Collins – Founder of the International School of Feng Shui and guide for sacred journeys around the world.

Rafe Pearlman – singer.

Naada Guerra – Human Excellence Advocate and Facilitator.


Personalized artwork to magnetize and amplify your Soul’s vision.
The intention behind Soul Essence Portraits is to make visible the wishes and goals of those for whom Sivitri creates, through unique, digitally designed pieces of personalized artwork. She also hopes to empower and connect women on a mission to inspire and create change.

Having studied subliminal and psychic healing, and creative visualization, she understands the value of bridging the gap between desires and bringing visions into form. Imprinting imagery into the subconscious where beliefs reside helps to magnetize and actualize goals.


“Sivitri is a pioneer and way-seer, channeling and embodying potent priestess oracle energy. Her artwork is powerfully healing and transformative. Possessing an innate understanding of archetypes on a deep soul level she has the ability to bring out an individual’s ‘personal’ archetype. Her personalized Soul Essence Portraits are keys to unlocking one’s potential. She instinctively knows what is right for a person. Her visions are pure, compelling, and spot-on.”
~ Rachel Mai, master clairvoyant



“Sivitri is a powerful intuitive with the ability to see right to the heart of what is important and capture it in a stunningly beautiful visual image. I was able to understand my own archetypal energy and soul purpose on a nü level by seeing Sivitri’s Soul Portrait of me. Thank you for this profound experience!”
-Laura Hollick

“I have always been a raving fan of Sivtri’s spirit, brilliance and artwork. Recently, I hired her to create an exclusive and empowering series of Soul Essence Portraits specific to my 10Carat Goddess Group. Each of the seven cards that she created were pure magic and inspiration. We were all mystified at how she intuitively weaved our true soul essence and merged it with our vision and dreams for the future. I look at my card daily for hope, clarity, divine alignment and confidence. Visualizations and affirmations have been instrumental in healing my life, and this is the next level of integration. Thank you, Sivitri!”

"Sivitri’s Soul Essence Portraits are nothing short of magical! When she presented me with mine, I was totally awestruck. She has a unique gift for seeing right down to the core of who you are and giving it expression in the most beautiful way through her works of art. I use my Portrait as a visual guidepost of sorts whenever I’m making an important personal or professional decision. Not only are her Portraits gorgeous, they’re also an incredibly powerful tool for staying centered and authentic in life and business. Thank you, Sivitri!”

  • Amanda Aitken, Empathic Psychic Medium and Founder of The Creative Courage Campaign, The Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design & The Girl’s Guide to Web Design



The process begins with an image of the person and a few simple questions in order for Sivitri to get an idea of the individual’s intention and purpose.
Before beginning and throughout the creation process she intuitively taps into the energy of the person she is creating for in order to see that which is most aligned and required to bring their vision to life.
She then sets about finding just the right images to use in the art piece – using her own photography wherever possible and choosing images from stock photo libraries. This is where the piece tangibly starts to come to life and no picture or symbol is placed on the canvas without meaning.
Each layer and image is placed for a specific intention and artfully arranged to accentuate the person’s beauty and personal vision. She adds and subtracts images and text, plays with color, symbols, and design – a process that takes anywhere from 7-10 hours to complete.
Each piece includes a catchphrase or affirmation which sums up the person’s vision – words that highlight the qualities that are pertinent in magnetizing their desires.
Together with the words and imagery a personalized vision board is created – a tool for transformation and manifestation.
The intention is for the artwork to be placed where it is seen on a daily basis, preferably on an altar or desktop so that the imagery and symbols are recognized and imprinted into the subconscious and so believed to be true and real.
From a place of seeing and believing, comes receiving.


Soul Essence Portraits are $222. This includes two reviews during the design process so that you can be part of the process, and a high-resolution JPG file of the completed artwork sent directly to your email address which you can then print.


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