Gofundme Photography Donation Gifts

Agapanthas 8x12"

Sunflower 8x12"

Paradise 8x12"

Flower 8x12"

Magnolia 8x12" or 12x18"

Flamingo (1) 8x12"

Flamingo (3) 8x12"

Orchid 8x12"

Fruit 8x12"

Pink 8x12"

Leaf 8x10", 16x20"

Lilypad 8x12"

Succulant 8x12" or 11x17"

Petals 8x12"

Red Flower 12x18"

Tiger Lily 8x12"

Mantis 8.25x11" or 12x16"

Praying Mantis 8x12"

Praying Mantis 11x16"

Bees 8x11"

Hummingbird 2. 12x16"

Hummingbird 1. 12x16"

Hummingbird 3. 9x12"

Frond Mirror 10x10"

Sepia Magnolia 8x11" or 12x16"

Red Portrait (1) 8x10"

Red Portrait (2) 8x10"

Red Portrait (3) 8x10"

Blue Rocks 8x12" (slightly cropped) or 11x14"

Mexico 8x12" or 11x17"

Burningman 8x12" or 11x17"

Heritage 8x12"

Italy 10x14"

Venice 8x10" or 10x13"

Winter 8.25x11"

Amsterdam 8x10" or 10x13"


After your donation, please message me with the title of the piece you would like and the email address you would like the JPG file sent to.

Donate here: https://gofund.me/5be947d8

Keep in mind that the image color you see on your computer monitor will differ slightly when printed. Sizes are in inches.

These images are under copyright and may only be used for personal use. They may not be reproduced or used for commercial purposes. If you would like to use any of these images in a commercial capacity please respect me as an artist and contact me with your request.

Thank you for your support.