Writing Your Essence - A Workshop for Women


This writing workshop is designed to facilitate a deepening of our personal story as women and to develop a writing practice.

The six-week series will offer encouragement, support, and the tools to access, write, and share your creative stories.

Writing Your Essence stirs our souls to speak to where we have come from, what we are healing, what we desire and require moving forward in order to create our work in the world; our soul work, our calling.

We all have stories to tell, but sometimes, somewhere down the line we have kept ourselves silent and buried our experiences deep within, unable to be creative or express ourselves. This course is about finding the way to your voice and sharing it.

Writing Your Essence creates a map to experience wholeness in your life. It’s like a good meditation practice; creating clarity, peace, and inspiration.

This course is for complete beginners who feel inspired to write, women who want to develop their intuition, find their voice, uncover their creativity, and women who have a project in mind that they would like to work on or are currently working on. Whether you want to write poetry, a memoir, or a novel, or just want to write for release and curiosity, this course is designed to evoke whatever you desire and give voice to it.

For the most part, exercises will be initiated by writing prompts where we will write for between three to fifteen minutes depending on the exercise. I will design the flow of sessions and create prompts according to the unique group that comes together.

Feedback will be contained to be constructive, creative, and supportive. You will not be required to share your work in the group, however, it is my wish that as the weeks go by, we will feel that creative inquiry and feedback from each other will help us to delve into our process and share our writing. In the vulnerability of sharing we open to being seen, heard, received, and expand and acknowledge our own hearts and stories.

I will suggest useful books that I’ve used in my own writing practice and that will help you to develop your own creative writing voice.

A commitment of 6 weeks is required in order to create a container of creativity and confidence to share as the weeks go by and to cheer each other along in our individual projects and unique voice. Of course, I understand that unavoidable circumstances occur in life but I encourage you to miss no more than one session.

I look forward to writing and sharing with you. Keep an eye out for my online invitations on my Facebook and Instagram page (links on my ‘About’ page) or feel free to contact me on: +27 60 914 5081 for more info.

If you’d like to check out some of my writing, links to my blogs and online publications that I write for are on my ‘About’ page also.