Offerings in the Soul Essence Temple:

Soul Essence Retreats are multi-sensory experiences designed to evoke your innate essence, stir the remembrance of your source, your creativity, and access your innermost being. This is a journey of the soul, a doorway into your sensuality, and a discovery of your unique story.

Soul Essence Retreats encompass discovery through:
Art and Photography
Oracle Card Reading
Creative Masterminding
Perfume Making and healing with essential oils
Multi-sensory outings: including spice markets, perfumeries, gardens, and local food tastings in the heart of some of the most alive, artistic, and dreamy locations in the world:

Against the backdrop of the textures, scents, and sounds of these culturally rich, ancient, and refined cities we take you deep into the expression of your essence and joy.

Through my dance practice, I discovered a potent way of accessing my subconscious and working through the layers of myself; tapping into the power and grace of my essence and in turn teaching others how to do the same.

The term somatic is derived from the Latin word soma, meaning “the living body.”

Somatic movement is an experience that accesses the intelligence of our body and the subtle conversation of our subconscious in order to actualize our potential and support a deep inner process of healing and wholeness. I weave the somatic movement experience together with other modalities such as creative visualization, art and writing practices that help to bring clarity and expansion to the individual so that they can recognize their patterns, strengths, true desires, and more easily tap into their body’s intelligence and learn how to hear the messages their bodies are conveying through sensations and feelings, impulses and images.

Of course, movement also facilitates access to more ease, grace, and efficiency within the muscles and joints of the body. Movement has the capacity to make the experience of self conscious within the body. This felt sense of self, also known as embodiment, leads to an experience of being comfortable in one’s own skin and therefore able to move through the world more fluidly and confidently. Ultimately these embodiment practices bring about self-awareness, helping one to cultivate better boundaries, regulate the emotions, strengthen the nervous system, evoke empathy, cultivate an ability to be more present, enhance intuition, and induce a feeling of being both authentic, grounded, and connected to oneself, others and the environment.

Workshops include guided meditations and writing prompts which take you on a journey of self-discovery.

This writing workshop is designed to facilitate a deepening of your personal story and to develop a writing practice.

Writing has the power to reveal parts of ourselves that we are unconscious of. Writing stirs our souls to speak, accessing the subconscious and helping us to call up what needs to be released or realized. We acquire answers through our writing. Telling the truth and examining our personal stories has such a transformative effect. When we tell the truth to ourselves we can transform our stories and therefore our lives.

In these custom-designed sessions, I work with you, via various embodiment modalities, such as guided visualization meditation, dance, art, writing, personalized blueprint artwork, and ritual to unlock your personal story.

As I guide you along your quest to uncover your purpose, passions, and inspiration, you will write, dance, and create your experience within your own medicine circle which you will take into your life as a daily living ceremony; making each moment sacred and in tune with your Soul’s Essence. These sessions take place in nature and in my home studio space, or online.

Add-ons to amplify your Soul Essence journey:

  • Sacred signature empowerment jewelry pieces made with gems and crystals,
  • Signature scents, crafted with essential oils to take you deeper into the blueprint you are working with.
  • Soul Essence Portraits; a personalized creative visualization art piece to use as a visual representation of your soul’s essence and goals.

These sessions are also available for couples working together in business or love partnerships.