Digital Zodiac Collages









Virgo (1)

Virgo (2)





These 12 unique designs are available in 8"x8", 10"x10" or 12"x12". Upon purchase, you will receive a 300dpi high resolution downloadable digital file within 24 hours via email which you can print at home or at your local print shop. (keep in mind that the colors on your computer monitor will vary slightly depending on the calibration of the printer used).

Along with the image, you will also receive a 5-6 page PDF file (which you can print out) with an overview of each sign and a 2021 forecast, with a focus on areas of expansion for the Zodiac sign you have chosen. I have taken the text for these PDF’s from two experts in their field and a reputable astrology site:,,
I’m offering a 20% discount price right now – usually €29 now €23 no matter what size you want. If you purchase 2 or more you’ll receive a further 10%discount.

After you’ve made the payment send me an email telling me what size you’d like and of which zodiac sign.
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