Oracle Readings


It is my joy and honor to provide insight for you through a psychic Oracle reading.

By tapping into your higher soul’s guidance I draw oracle cards for you and give in-depth guidance to help you gain clarity into your inquiry. I also provide practical spiritual, emotional, and physical tools for you to integrate into your life for healing and inspiration.

I will provide a voice recording and PDF transcript along with images of the cards from your reading which you can refer to as many times as you like.

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I look forward to working with you.



I was amazed at the depth at which Sivitri was able to attune to my higher self to provide deep insights, new perspectives as well as crafting personal rituals and exercises for me to move forward in my life both spiritually and emotionally. The reading resonated deeply and also identified “blind spots” I had missed. I am so grateful to have found Sivitri. She is an incredibly gifted intuitive reader and healer. She is a rare find.

  • Anne Rose; Sonoma, California.

Sivitri provided an astonishingly apt and in-depth response to my question with her beautiful and soothing voice recorded reading. I got so much more from it than I had anticipated or hoped for. I felt she managed to tune right into a key dilemma I am having & helped me to think differently about it.

  • Andrew De Cruz; Devon, England


Intuitive guide.