GoFundMe Mixed Media Art Donation Gifts

8x10" Mixed Media Tiger Lily on canvas

  • $63 donation -

16x24" Digital Piece in wood frame

  • $155 donation -

8x10" Mixed Media Rose on recycled wood panel - $155-$333 donation -

5x5" Fern Frond on canvas - $44-$63 donation -

Orchid 19x24" Archival photographic print on paper with paint on recycled 20's sash window - $333 donation -

5x5" mixed media on wood block - $44 donation -

8x10" mixed media (paint, petals, fabric) on canvas - $155 donation -

Leaf 14x16" Archival photographic print in framed cabinet door - $155-$333 donation -

Rose 8x12" Archival print with paint on recycled wood panel - $155 donation -


Hello, appreciated donors, to my shipping fund. There are 9 pieces of tangible artwork pieces available. The title, description, and donation tier are under each piece.

Donate here: https://gofund.me/5be947d8

After your donation please let me know the title of the piece you would like and we will arrange to get the piece to you.

Thank you!