Moon Oracle Art

Africa Blu - 9x12"

Crystal Orchid - 8x8"

Dream Travel -10x10"

Flower Women - 8x8"

Mary Magdalene - 10x10"

Moon Drop - 10x10"

Moon Flower - 10x10"

Postcard - 8x8"

Red Orchid Moon - 10x10"

Savitri Bast - 12x12"

Moon Weaver - 8x8"

Sphynx - 10x10"

Sphynx 2 - 10x10"

Temple Women - 8x8"

Celtic Dream - 10x10"

Family - 8x8"

Big Flower - 8x8"

Tibetan Girl - 8x8"

Time - 10x10"

Silk Desert - 10x10"

Africa Blue 2 - 10x10"

Reach 10x12"

Nest - 12x12"

Crystal Orchid 2 - 8x8"

Boat Journey - 10x10"


Created during my last year in Italy, this series is close to my heart.

The price is $30, €25, £22, ZAR450 for all images and all sizes.

After you’ve made your payment send me an email telling me which image and what size you would like.

I will email you a high-resolution JPG file of your chosen image within 24 hours.
For ZAR please send an EFT:
Natalie Ann Whiting
ABSA Fourways
Savings account: 9368068220
Branch number: 632005
Reference: Insert the name of the sign you would like
For USD, BP and EURO, please pay via TransferWise (preferable) or Paypal.
For Wise: and you will be led through the steps for a free transfer using a debit or credit card.
For Paypal:

Thank you.

My Wise details if you are doing a bank transfer:
Name: Natalie Ann Whiting
IBAN: BE86 9670 7697 7950
Address: TransferWise Europe SA
Avenue Marnix 13-17
Address linked to my account:
via Scopeti 41 #55B,
San Casciano in Val di Pesa,
Firenze 50026, Italy.
Here is the link again:
I appreciate your purchase.