Ambient Sensory - Multimedia Event Production


Sivitri’s multi-sensory events have evolved from doing solo multimedia, art-installation style dance performances into a collaboration and fusion of visual artists, dancers, musicians, and music producers, to create moving ambient multimedia gallery productions enveloping observers in a dreamy multi-sensory experience, which some have described as otherwordly, mystical and ethereal; taking the viewer into a somatic, and almost meditative, journey all at the same time.

“The intention is to engage all the senses so as to take us into our bodies, our imaginations, our energy centers, our intuition.

I don’t like to describe exactly what happens in these journeys because each one is entirely different depending on the artistic producers as well as the observers, who are in fact also our co-collaborators – their energy is just as much a part of the co-creation as the artists are.

It all starts with an intention, a theme, and a skeleton outline of all the elements we will include and how we want it to look visually, and then from there the production organically takes on a life of its own as the creation process intuitively unfolds.

We journey and move from the first cord of music; the first drum beat or flute note, and we layer, blend, and create on the spot, in the moment. The production becomes its own life form, its own creature – showing us what wants to be expressed to us and through us; what is subtle and delicate, and what is potent, undeniable, exposed, transparent, true.

We emerge changed, deepened, inspired, and I hope touched in some way to unite with nature, with each other and mostly with ourselves.”

Please see Sivitri’s resume on the homepage.